hundredmillionthousand – Eleven [Music Video]

Today the Edmonton artist Noel Fanaeian who goes by hundredmillionthousand dropped the music video for Eleven from the 2022 release of Attention Span.

About the music video/track by Noel:
“I used the sounds of the most intimate and emotional human moments and computerized them into indistinguishable sounds and then make them into music,” says Fanaeian.
“My intent was to comment and work through my own struggles with connecting in the digital age.
There is no way to discuss the current state of human relationships and intimacy without acknowledging how technology has moulded how we interact with each other.”

The music video for “eleven” features Tara Hodgson, a talented dancer who improvises a dance to the music of hundredmillionthousand.
The video is a stunning visual representation of the powerful emotions that are present in Fanaeian’s music.

Eleven gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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