Jeanines – Don’t Wait For A Sign [Streaming]

New York band Jeanines recently dropped their sophomore album Don’t Wait For A Sign via Slumberland Records.
13 tracks that clocks in at 20 minutes.
Fine quick listening to DIY jangly pop rock music that is retro/vintage reminisced radio days vibe.

About the album:
With the band now divided geographically and touched by the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic, Jeanines’ new album is deeper and a bit darker than their debut.
The folk influences feel more pronounced, at times recalling early Fairport Convention or Vashti Bunyan as much as indiepop touchstones like Dear Nora, The Aislers Set, and the many bands of Pam Berry.

First single “Any Day Now” hits all the notes of nostalgia and wistfulness we’ve come to expect from Jeanines, wrapped in a beautiful 60s-tinged melody. The title tune and “Got Nowhere To Go” both have a marked sunshine pop swing, like lost AM radio hits made contemporary by Jed’s driving, economical playing.

Songs like “Who’s In The Dark” and “Turn On The TV” show a band in total mastery of their idiom—a brilliantly compelling blend of timeless influences illuminated by Alicia’s distinctive songwriting and sharp lyrics. The arrangements are always on point, full of interesting transitions and modulations but never fussy or in the way of the songs themselves. Alicia’s vocals really take flight here, richer and more confident, and often layered in harmony.

Clocking in at a generous thirteen songs, Jeanines give us a lot to love with Don’t Wait For A Sign. Second albums can be tricky, but here they ably manage to build on their terrific debut with well-honed songwriting, singular melodies, and unerringly sympathetic production.

Don’t Wait For A Sign gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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