Jessy Lanza – Love Hallucination [Streaming]

Today the Ontario-born, LA-based artist Jessy Lanza dropped the long awaited fourth album called Love Hallucination via Hyperdub.
Jessy sure has come a long way in 10 years since the release of Pull My Hair Back with its minimal electro-dance pop R&B-ish vibe.
Love Hallucination has more a bigger fuller sound of bumping and shaking clubby electro-dance pop music.

About the album by Jessy:
Jessy calls Love Hallucination her “trust fall,” having just moved from the Bay Area to sunny LA, the singer-producer steps into a newfound confidence and personal authenticity.

The album’s sleek and evolved sound is a breath of fresh air, facilitated by producers Jacques Greene, Paul White, David Kennedy, Jeremy Greenspan, and Marco ‘Tensnake’ Niermeski, expanding her production toolbox.

From club-ready songs to more downbeat and sultry works, Love Hallucination reminds us of falling into depths of love but being self-assured enough to trust one’s instincts.

On ‘Love Hallucination’, close listeners can trace her growth from the shy haze of her debut ‘Pull My Hair Back’ to the energetic confidence of her 2021 DJ Kicks release.

Building upon that last release, Love Hallucination sounds like the work of an artist in bloom.
This is an album of big emotions and big songs, with direct and personal lyrics that run the gauntlet of raw feeling.

Love Hallucination gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.