Kevin Drew – All Your Fails [Listen]

Today Broken Social Scene’s co-founder and front person Kevin Drew dropped the track called All Your Fails.
The third single is taken from the upcoming album called Aging which comes out digitally on November 3, 2023 via Arts & Crafts.
A Broken Social Scene sounding indie rock vibe song that seems to be a leftover from previous session.

About the track by Kevin:
The common ways we love and die’ sings Kevin Drew on the propulsive new single.
A classic indie pop ballad driven by churning guitars and swirling synth lines, Drew’s breathless vocal performance perfectly conveys the sense of angst and urgency at the core of the song about possession.

“Live by the mirror, die by the mirror.
The loops of the constant reflective trauma continue within exploring vocal ranges beside Lake Ontario.
I have always kept a journal next to my mouth for better or worse. I hope you enjoy this struggle anthem for the outdoor bedroom lovers of yesterday.”

All Your Fails gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.