La Mort a La Mode [Review]

This is going to be a series of reviewing the E-Tron Rec. label in Hull/Gatineau.
Part one was reviewing J’Envoie.
This time it is La Mort a La Mode.
Someone tell me what the translation of the band name?
This five track EP is released on cassette tape and only 50 have been made.
But you can purchase the tracks on the Bandcamp site.
The music is very similar to J’Envoie but it has more of Olivier Fairfield’s touch/work in it.
Its very experimental alterna-rock with unique instrumentations of the drums and other instruments.
There is this upbeat intense feel in tracks like Priest Girth Law and School Yard Sensation.
Its not as dark as J’Envoie but very different.
Really like this EP, short, sweet and not too overtly long which I was expecting.
Best tracks:

  • Ripe Spectacular
  • School Yard Sensation
  • California Games
  • La Mort a La Mode
  • Priest Girth Law

Give this EP:


  1. F

    Translation is both “a fashionable death”, and “death is fashionable”. Or maybe “death with ice cream on top”.

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