Land Of Talk – Cloak and Cipher [Streaming]

August 24th will be the drop date for the second full-length album by Land Of Talk.

Land of Talk’s second full-length album, “Cloak and Cipher,” had the unique blend of experimentation and a fuller sound.
Elizabeth Powell’s collaboration with notable artists like Patrick Watson, Stars, Arcade Fire, The Besnard Lakes, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Wintersleep, and Esmerine undoubtedly contributed to the album’s rich and diverse musical landscape.

The fact that the album was created during Liz’s downtime for vocal recovery adds an interesting layer to the story behind “Cloak and Cipher.”
It’s impressive that she used that time productively to create such a luscious collection of tracks.

The mix of mellow and angry tones in the album, as well as the continuation of the musical journey from the previous album with tracks like “Blangee Blee,” adds depth and variety to the listening experience.

It’s understandable that certain tracks like “Goaltime Exposure,” “Quarry Hymns,” and “Color Me Badd” hold a special emotional connection.
Best tracks:

  • Cloak and Cipher
  • Goaltime Exposure
  • Quarry Hymns
  • Swift Coins
  • Color Me Badd
  • The Hate I Won’t Commit
  • Blangee Blee
  • Playita
  • Better and Closer

Cloak and Cipher gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.


  1. jonathan butts

    I definitely agree. When i heard the album i was expecting a Some Are Lake part 2 so to speak. But this album was another stand alone Land of Talk collection. I love liz and all her great melodies, guitar parts, and lyrics (which i paid more attention to on this album). Land of talk is definitely one of my favorite bands because they continue to impress me.

  2. Greg

    Actually I would give this album 10/10. Well maybe because I am a huge fan but still I think this album is really great.
    I recommend every one who loves them a bit to buy it!

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