Latinx Indigenous Fashion Show [August 11, 2018]

The Latinx Indigenous Fashion Show was presented as a part of the Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival.

Masters of Ceremonies Darren Sutherland & Emma Rabbe (Miss Americas in Miss World 1992)
Latinx Indigenous Fashion Show
This show which highlighted fashion from North American, South American & Central American Indigenous peoples.
Which featured clothing, regalia, accessories, and traditional oufits from various nations.
Wayuu (Venezuela & Colombia)
Pemons (Venezuela)
Quechua (Peru)
Maya (Guatemala)
Wankas (Peru)
Miskitu (Nicaragua)
Hacaritama (Colombia)
Cuzco ( Peru)
Aruak (Colombia)
Shipibo (Peru)
Indigenous group of Mexico
Special performance by::
Fusión Folklorica Esmeraldas DeColombia
Churún Merú: Venezuelan Folklore Dance Group
Héritage colombien
Indigenous Peruvian attire by: PERU DANZA Ottawa-Gatineau & Other peruvian attire by Sandra HO & Didier Reyes Ho
Indigenous Nicaraguan attire Design: Luis Matamoros modelling by Mariana Montano
Indigenous Guatemalan attire Design by: Doroty Davis-Payne (Miss Multicultural Ottawa Gatineau 2018
Indigenous Mexican attire provided by Fabienne Guindon-Lopez, from Aguila O Sol and Silvia Quintana.
Indigenous Colombian attire designed by Amparo Alsina Hernandez from Héritage colombien & Soky Vasquez from Fusión Folklorica Esmeraldas DeColombia
Latinx Indigenous Fashion Show
Latinx Indigenous Fashion Show

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