Loon Town – Silver Flowers [Music Video]

Today the Montreal based band Loon Town dropped the music video for Silver Flowers from their 2022 album Slow Space.
A catchy synth-pop fast tempo tune.

About the music video:
Shot in Montreal’s Hochelaga neighbourhood, the video plays lightly on 90’s nostalgia, pulling Loon Town band members into the realm of a “hype-beast” come to life as an alluring/menacing Claudia Borneo who, through a mystical VHS tape player, prompts them to meet her demands on a retro television screen.
Once inside the beast’s realm, Loon Town finds themselves in some kind of fantasy party with Borneo going off the deep end, her demands as insatiable as they are ravenous. Is it a fun party or a gilded cage? The video’s abstract nature then settles and spreads out, inviting the viewer to get lost in a wash of visuals and vocals, blurring lines and reminding us to hold onto our dreams and treasure the ones we love.

The subtext for “Silver Flowers” music video explores the temptations of the music industry, and its transformative power to create itself. The visuals reinterpret the lyrics, drawing the band into a new realm, and changing them. With its subtle polyrhythms and overlapping beat cycles, the song beckons listeners on a journey through a world where the familiar becomes disorientingly unfamiliar.

Filmmaker Kristen Brown (link, link) and her team capture brilliantly the character of Loon Town’s unique sound, creating a visual world that mirrors the elements of synth-rock, dreamy indie-pop, and a hint of psychedelic frenzy that are present in Loon Town’s music. The result feels perfectly offbeat and infectious.
Silver Flowers gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.