Luka Kuplowsky – Crazy Love [Music Video]

Luka Kuplowsky‘s Stardust which is his first full-length release for Mama Bird Recordings (USA) and Next Door Records (Canada) comes out on October 2, 2020.
Third single and music video from the album is called Crazy Love.
Lovely intimate folk-pop track that will leave you wanting to love someone badly.

About the song:
With its sparse instrumentation, “Crazy Love” allows the cinematic poetry of Kuplowsky’s songwriting to shine. The rhythm section, Josh Cole on bass and Evan Cartwright on drums, undulates with the vocal trio of Kuplowsky, Bernice’s Robin Dann and Bahamas’ Felicity Williams.
All of these elements swirl together with Thom Gill’s flawlessly orchestrated guitar and synth lines, growing like the crest of a perfect wave as Kuplowsky sings out the final chorus. Fittingly, Kuplowsky explains;

Written in an instant.
“Love” can be “crazy” when it lacks control and direction. The voice of the song is impelled and urged towards someone, but keeps qualifying this push with a pulling back. The song is the dance of the psyche towards its eventual embrace.
We recorded 3 takes of this song and kept eliminating notes ‘til we had all this hanging space.
The arrangement moves like water; swirling, shimmering, circling, crashing.
– Luka Kuplowsky on “Crazy Love”

Crazy Love gets:

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