Luka Kuplowsky – Fugitive Song [Music Video]

Today the Toronto musician Luka Kuplowsky dropped the artsy music video for Fugitive Song (a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Sonnet #3) which features his backing members who are The Ryōkan Band.
The second single is taken from the upcoming double album called How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music which comes out on May 31, 2024 via Next Door Records.
Another beautiful folky pop tune.

About the track by Luka:
Felicity, Alex and Evan’s cascading harmonies in the chorus are so powerful and uplifting. I love each of their voices so much.
There are moments in this record when I listen to Felicity and I hear Anh, or follow a guitar line of Alex’s and end up with Josh’s somersaulting bass. Phil and Evan, both such distinct players, often diverge and come together like figure eights.
In the recording sessions, Josh often spoke of the necessity to be on “funk island”. This is one of those songs.

Fugitive Song (a response to Rainer Maria Rilke) gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.