Mac Krol – Fair Warning/What Would You Say? [Listen]

Today Mac Krol which is the project of Mike Krol and Mac McCaughan of Superchunk dropped the final two tracks called Fair Warning and What Would You Say?
Taken from their 7″ which contains For Some Other Reason via Merge Records.
Another high energetic noise fuzz garage rocking power pop tune.

About the tracks by Mac Krol:
The collaboration began its life in 2015, when Krol and his bandmates Elliott Kozel, Phil Mahlstadt, and Michael Sienkowski decamped to San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone after recording Turkey, intending to turn “a handful of riffs and ideas” into a full record.

“The plan was to take the rough mixes home and write lyrics to record them later,” Krol explains. “However, once I got home and listened to the songs, I quickly realized that most of them were in the wrong key for my voice. So I filed them away to deal with later, and eventually lost interest.”

In 2020, Krol rediscovered the instrumental tracks on an old hard drive and asked Mac if he would write some words to sing on top of them. “He said he hated writing lyrics and politely declined,” Krol recalls. “A few days later, three songs showed up with completed lyrics and iconic Mac McCaughan singing and shredding all over them. I was blown away!”

No longer an abandoned recording session, Mac Krol arrives, sounding like lost Portastatic or Superchunk B-sides, as vital and inventive as you’d expect from a dream pairing like Krol and McCaughan. “Without Mac,” Krol says, “these songs would still be discarded instrumentals, so I’m very thankful that he brought them across the finish line so they can finally be heard!”

Fair Warning/What Would You Say? gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.