Marvest with Remaclara and Muzzy Legault

Cityfolk‘s Marvest are free shows that happen on the Friday night and Saturday part of the festival in the Glebe area.
The focus of Marvest is to present Ottawa with a feast of locally produced music.
I got to present the show at Purple Urchin and performing was Remaclara and Muzzy Legault.
Check out the photos.
Marvest 2018 - Remaclara and Muzzy Legault
Wonderful R&B/hip-hop set by Muzzy. 8/10.
Marvest 2018 - Remaclara and Muzzy Legault
First time seeing Remaclara from Toronto by way of Ottawa Remaclara.
I can’t believe she is young and performed a nice set of R&B/Soul and hip-hop music. 8/10.

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