Matthew Cardinal – Dec 4th [Music Video]

Today being December 4, 2020.
The day also brings the release of the music video by Matthew Cardinal of nêhiyawak.
The track is taken from his debut solo album called Asterisms via Arts and Crafts.
Music video directed by SCKUSE somewhat has that cold theme feeling.
But still the track is a beautiful and dreamy atmospheric track.

About the music video:
The video was produced by director SCKUSE (Stephanie Kuse) and follows the established trajectory of her video entries for “May 25th,” “May 24th,” “July 23rd”, and “Mar 12th,” with distinct natural elements finally emerging from the abstract beauty of images processed through an old TV.

“The bed of the track is a bubbling filtered synth sound which is sequenced in a somewhat random way,” says Cardinal. “On top of that I added some more ‘cello’ courtesy of my sampler and my mooshum’s fiddle, Roland organ swells, and descending Moog bass. A sound I made sings on top about halfway through the track. I recorded this in the evening, sitting on my living room floor.”

Dec 4th gets:

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