MC Jin & Wyclef Jean – Stop The Hatred [Music Video]

May happens to be Asian Heritage Month and this song couldn’t come in a better time.
Long story short, since February I’ve been addicted to Clubhouse and I was fascinated by MC Jin when he makes his own entertaining room.
All his info is on Wikipedia for those curious.
Anyways MC Jin dropped the track called Stop The Hatred which features Wycelf Jean.
It is a heavy emotional and powerful song to what is happening with the Asian community at the moment.
We need to #StopAsianHate and this song is highlight of it.

About the track:
After witnessing the uptick of heinous hate crimes against the AAPI community in the recent year, MC Jin wanted to use his artistry to express some of his own sentiments as well as raise awareness on these issues.
The song title was inspired by his 8 year old son, Chance, who boldly shouted “Stop the hatred” into a crowd of thousands at a #StopAsianHate rally in New York City.

To be able to reconnect with the iconic Wyclef Jean for this song, whom he collaborated with almost two decades ago from his debut single Learn Chinese, is not only special for MC Jin on a personal note, but also symbolizes the importance of solidarity amongst all communities during these dark times.

Stop the Hatred gets:

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