Mehdi Cayenne Club @ Confederation Park

Mehdi Cayenne Club @ Confederation Park
I went down to Confederation Park for the Rideau Canal Festival.
Since this year I am not going to Osheaga Festival and SappyFest 2011 (If I had a way to get there and a place to stay).
Anyways, I was there to see Mehdi Cayenne Club.
The band features:

I wasn’t aware that the show you had to pay considering the night before where The White Wires played was free for public.
Just wanted to see this band since I was only there for one song at Bluesfest.
Mehdi Cayenne Club @ Confederation Park
Their music is a mix of French with some English folk funk post-rock punk slam.
Have a listen to what their music sounds like.

Here are photos from the show.

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