Meligrove Band, Ruby Coast and The Gallop @ Mavericks

Went to see three amazing bands at Mavericks on November 10, 2010.
It was my first time seeing the headliner and it was like a album release for the Ottawa crowd.
It was great seeing:

The show started off with The Gallop.
Unique of the Ottawa band for the members (minus the horn player) to wear the same shirt.
At least their fans/families didn’t move up near the stage, luckily I had more room to take photos.
Having covered them alot in this site, they put on a great set.
The Gallop @ Mavericks
Ruby Coast was next.
I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them live.
Its great to see them play Ottawa alot.
They played mostly tracks from the upcoming (not sure when it will be out) full-length album.
Enjoyed hearing Creep Me Out, I Live With Monsters and the Town To Province which was the last song.
Ruby Coast @ Mavericks
After their set ended, I noticed two members of Bedouin Soundclash was in the audience.
I had a heartattack and just had to get their autograph. (What are the chances of not seeing them in person?)
I know they are playing at show in Ottawa on November 11th.
Anyways Meligrove Band opened up for Bedouin Soundclash awhile and they wanted to see them live.

Meligrove Band played.
They put on a fun rocking set.
I didn’t know they were that great live.
Their songs are very catchy.
The second last song they played was an instrumental and it was so trippy psychedelic.
What a band!
Afterwards I bought their album on vinyl since it was $10!!!
I was not aware that Michael Small who plays bass(?) is Alyssa’s boyfriend from Sheezer and saw the photos from the Ottawa show back on November 1st.
Meligrove Band @ Mavericks
Also the Meligrove Band mentioned about the movie Scott Pilgrim
Guess which member of Ruby Coast shows up for a brief second? (Around the 0:04-0:05 mark)

Here are the rest of the photos.
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