Miesha & The Spanks – I Want Fire [Music Video]

Calgary band Miesha & The Spanks dropped their music video for I Want Fire.
The track is taken from their upcoming Singles EP which comes out on April 16, 2021.
A scorching garage punk rocking track.
The music video is a homage to the 1980s horror film.

About the music video:
The video was shot at front woman-guitarist Miesha Louie’s family cabin on Lower Kananaskis Lake in Alberta. “We didn’t anticipate the sweeping breeze across the lake that chilled us to the bone every time it came,” she shares. Drummer Sean Hamilton “had his thick winter jacket on between takes, and I was wearing a big faux fur jacket throughout, but my feet were like bricks of ice. I was wearing pantyhose and thin red leather boots, and lost all feeling by the second take. Sean’s partner was there with bourbon, and performing warmed us up because we were rocking so hard just to stay warm. When we were done I tried to switch back to my winter boots, only to find my socks frozen solid. I had to ram my feet into the boots because they wouldn’t bend!”

Technology endured the cold as well. “The drone took forever to get moving, and either the cables connecting my phone to the stereo, or the batteries in the stereo itself froze, and we could not get the music to play for longer than the intro to the song. It was freezing, so we had to make a fast decision! Sean wore earbuds and played along to the song, and I just had to follow him as best I could, trying to mimic exactly where I should be in the song, without actually hearing it. When we realized the gravity of our situation we decided three takes would have to do, but I think we made it to six or seven. It must have been the bourbon and the adrenaline.”

I Want Fire gets:

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