Mike Dubue & David Jackson @ Pressed [April 25, 2012]

Went to Pressed for Experimental Music Wednesday.
From April 4 – May 16 there will be a series of live experimental music.
This was week four of the installment.
Playing at the series were:
Mike Dubue
MIke Dubue @ Pressed
David Jackson
David Jackson @ Pressed

The set started off with David Jackson.
The music was a mix of analog gear, guitar, field recordings, and other little bits and pieces.
It was very out there.
David Jackson @ Pressed
Then Mike was up and he was accompanied by Adam Saikaley.
It was very electronic sounding.
Like the beats of the bass.
MIke Dubue @ Pressed
Overall it was a nice night.
Wednesday nights is becoming a great hang out spot.
Going to be sad that there is about 3-4 left of this series.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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