Modern Boys Modern Girls – I Might As Well Break It (Review)

Modern Boys Modern Girls released their *sort of* debut album on September 15th. Apparently its a reworking from the same title but different tracking.
I wouldn’t know because this is my first time listening this album.
Members consist of:

  • Akira Alemany
  • Brett Millius
  • Juan Carlos Rivas

Seen them live once and I totally had a great time.
This album has that retro rocking with that indie alternative garage sound.
I noticed that some of the tracks in this album has repetitive lyrics which makes it easier for myself if I want to sing along.
Album is not just all rock and roll, there are slower tracks in A Hammond Organ Singing and In Another Year.
I forgot that CBC Radio 3 played “My Baby Says Boy, Don’t You Ever Go” which reminded me why that song sounds familiar.
Going a whim on that this album has a conceptual theme of a 1950s movie where bad boy meets nice girls and the drama that revolves around them.
A great album, catchy rocking tunes and I totally wasn’t disappointed.

Favorite tracks:

  • Missmybabygirl
  • Stay Under
  • My Baby Says Boy, Don’t You Ever Go
  • [audio:,%20Don%27t%20You%20Ever%20Go.mp3]
  • A Hammond Organ Singing
  • I Can Hardly Stand
  • Happily Steady (My favorite)
  • On The Line
  • Spiral & Smoke (Very epic)

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