MOONRIIVR – Bachelor Nation [Music Video]

MOONRIIVR is the project from Gavin Gardener of The Wooden Sky and “Champagne” James Robertson who plays with Lindi Ortega and features Ben Whitely and Lyle Molzan.
Recently the band dropped the music video performance of Bachelor Nation.
The second single is taken from their upcoming album Vol. 1 which comes out on November 8, 2023 via Victory Pool Music.
A good ol’ fashion country folk rocking track.

About the track by Gavin
“Bachelor Nation” is a nod to the Bachelor TV series.
“When the Bachelor series first entered my life I’ll admit that I was skeptical of a television world where true love could be found,” says Gardiner. “But the show, and its legion of followers known affectionately as the ‘Bachelor Nation’, would in time win me over. Each Monday when my partner would sit down to watch Matt James on his quest to find love I would find a reason to be in the living room. Before long we were discussing the episode’s events over coffee and waiting impatiently for next week’s episode to see what the future would hold for the inhabitants of the Bachelor Nation.

“When it came time to write this song Matt had found and lost love, the Bachelor Nation shook but kept moving. I decided to focus on the absurdity of fairy tale love both in the Bachelor Nation and the greater world abroad. The truth is life and love will knock you down and you will have to get back up again and try to put the pieces back together as best you can.”

“I hear this song as the soundtrack to a honeymoon in a Vegas motel, with plastic wine glasses by the kidney shaped pool and the air conditioner leaking slowly onto the carpet. There is sadness on the fringes of that picture but there is also a hope and happiness that reminds me love comes in many forms, none of which are perfect or fairy tailed, not even in the Bachelor Nation.”

Bachelor Nation gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.