Moral Pleasures – Goth [Listen]

Moral Pleasures is the solo project for Pkew Pkew Pkew‘s Ryan McKinley.
He dropped the second single called Goth which is taken from the upcoming EP Sleepy Songs for Dying Loves dropping on June 11, 2021.
A dreamy bedroom pop tune to get the summer going.

About the track:
“Goth” is a cerebral slow burner with an early 00’s-era dream pop angst. Mixing gritty guitar distortion with hard-hitting acoustic strums and harmonica, Moral Pleasures creates a moody soundscape for a mythological exploration of youth and its deterioration.

“Goth” is more about celebrating youth while you’ve got it. When you’re young, experiences and relationships are so intense and you’re so carefree, but that part of life doesn’t last very long. By the time you’re around 30, you start to look back on your youth as this huge part of who you are that you can never go back to because you dare not behave like that again. I was reading a lot of Irish mythology and fairy tales at this time, so there’s a lot of that injected into this song.”

And on his production process, McKinley shares: “There’s really only two parts and an ending to this one, so I wrote the music first on guitar, which probably only took 20 minutes. If you strip away the other stuff, it kind of sounds like something you’d hear in a folk/country song, which is why I put a harmonica solo in it. Everything else I did musically was to pull it in the opposite direction. There are strings, a Synclavier with a bunch of filters on it, and a Sonic Youth-inspired guitar part that give some depth. I added the percussion at the very end to give it a greater feeling of space that it was lacking.

Goth gets:

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