My Dad vs Yours – Little Symphonies [REVIEW]

It’s been awhile since I heard the Ottawa band My Dad vs Yours.
On February 12th they will drop their second album Little Symphonies.

Eleven tracks of great indie instrumental post-rock tracks.
Very surprised with the tracks “En Plein Soleil”, “Happy Wanderer” and “Carry The Weight” to have this upbeat poppy sound.
While the rest has this atmospheric dream-like epic sound.
Great scorching guitar riffs and various layerings of sound.
The album reminds me of Sigur-Ros without the singing.
I never expected an Ottawa band to produce this kind of music.
A great album to check out for those into instrumental post rock.
Best tracks:

  • En Plein Soleil
  • Hip To Hip
  • Ghost Horse
  • Against Tide and Wind
  • Happy Wanderer
  • Carry The Weight
  • Little Symphonies

I’d give Little Symphonies 8/10.
Don’t forget to that February 12 is their album release show at Mavericks. [FACEBOOK EVENT]

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