Nobuntu @ Shenkman Arts Centre

Axé World Fest presented a captivating show with the contemporary all-female a cappella ensemble from Zimbabwe called Nobuntu at Shenkman Arts Centre.
This was their first Canadian show.
Nobuntu @ Shenkman Arts Centre
The group’s name, “Nobuntu,” is an African concept that values humbleness, love, unity, and family from a woman’s perspective.
The ensemble was founded in 2011 by Duduzile Sibanda, who aimed to create a platform for young women to express themselves through music and to preserve and celebrate their rich cultural heritage.
Nobuntu @ Shenkman Arts Centre
Their set was a blend of traditional Zimbabwean music, Afro Jazz, Gospel, and crossover genres.
The group uses their voices to convey powerful messages and to create a unique and captivating musical experience. They often perform with a dynamic blend of rhythm, movement, and harmonies, showcasing the diversity and beauty of African music.
They did a lovely cover of Lean on Me which was superb.
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