No Filter – April 30, 2024

Welcome to No Filter, the radio show that brings you the best music you’ve never heard on CHUO 89.1FM.
Each week, I curate a playlist of diverse and unique tracks from up-and-coming artists and established musicians alike.
My goal is to introduce the listeners to new and exciting music that they may not have discovered otherwise.
On this week’s episode, tracks by Cults, Chanel Beads and Lightheaded.

Annie-Claude Deschênes – CULINARY SECURITY / MEANCE MINIMALE from Les Manières de Table. Playing Club Saw this Thursday.
Corridor – Jump Cut / Mourir Demain from Mimi
Hovvdy – Bad News from their self-titled album.
Chanel Beads – Your Day Will Come from the album of the same name.
Cults – Crybaby
Utada Hikaru – Addicted To You (Re-Recording) / First Love (2022 Mix) from SCIENCE FICTION
Akitsugu Fukushima – Suimen (feat. Mai) from Boy 1 – EP
Kita Kouhei – Bottom of Dreams
Akira Kosemura & Lawrence English – Mirroring Feldspar from Selene which comes out on May 31st.
Rhucle – High Power from Place
Tourist – Second Nature from Memory Morning
Cindy Lee – Le Machiniste Fantome from Diamond Jubilee
Top 5 Songs of the week
Blue Hawaii – Belly Ring
Geoffroy – C.A.Y.A. from Good Boy which comes out on June 14th.
Amery – Mountain FM from Continue Amery which comes out on May 31st.
Luka Kuplowsky – How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music (a response to Ry​ō​kan Taigu) from How Can I Possibly Sleep When There is Music which comes out on May 31st.
Dan Mangan – Find New Ways
Bullion – Affection / Rare (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) from Affection
Brayden Bell – Good Company from Box Office Bomb EP which comes out on June 21st.
Sega Bodega – Coma Sale from Dennis
Iron & Wine – Sweet Talk from Light Verse
Lightheaded – Bright Happy Girls from Combustible Gems which comes out on May 17th.
Radiohead – Idioteque from Kid A
Thom Yorke – Knife Edge from Confidenza Soundtrack