No Filter – January 16, 2023

Have a listen to No Filter on CHUO 89.1 FM for January 16, 2023.
Around the 30 minute mark, I interview Heather Cook who is the festival director for Wintersong Music Festival taking place this Friday and Saturday in Stouffville.

Nick Schofield – Central Atrium from Glass Gallery. Playing the NAC Fourth Stage this Friday.

Best Fern – On & On from Earth Then Air which comes out on February 3rd.

Pony Girl – Make Up from Enny One Wil Love You

Lesser Evil – Reincarnation from Subterranean

Maxime. – Vacation

[All three and others will be playing Congrego’s Palingenesis this Saturday at All Saints Event space.]
Dan Mangan – All Roads from Being Somewhere

OMBIIGIZI – Residential Military from the self titled album.

Stars – Pretenders from From Capelton Hill.

Kiwi Jr. – Night Vision from Chopper.

Man Made Forest – On The Way Down from the self-titled album.

All five plus many more are playing Wintersong Music Festival which is taking place this Friday and Saturday in Stouffville Ontario.
Sugababes – Drum from The Lost Tapes

Sylo – October from Blanket EP

Strange Attractor – Good Boy Bad Boy from the song title track of the same name.

Top 5 Songs of the week
1. U.S. Girls – Future Bets (*) [1]

2. Fucked Up – I Think I Might Be Weird (*) [1]

3. Status/Non-Status – January 3rd

4. Edwin Raphael – Under Weather (feat. Eleni Drake) (*) [1]

5. The New Pornographers – Really Really Light (*) [1]

Poolblood – sorry from mole

Kid Koala – Once Upon A Time In The Northeast from Creatures of the Late Afternoon which comes out on April 14th.

Hollie Kenniff – Amidst the Tall Grass from We All Have Places That We Miss which comes out on February 10th.

Brandon Wolfe Scott – In Stride

Sunnsetter – Float in Circles

Peel Dream Magazine – You Really Mean It? From Magic Is Pocketed EP

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