nubo – Planetary Vision / 惑​星​の​ビ​ジ​ョ​ン [Streaming]

Today the Japanese musician nubo dropped the album called Planetary Vision / 惑​星​の​ビ​ジ​ョ​ン via Western Vinyl.
A beautiful experimental ambient dreamy new age album.

About the album by nubo:
“Tokyo sound artist Yuji Namiki’s emotionally psychedelic, deeply personal, and progressive take on Japanese ambient builds on the legacy of artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura in earnest, bucking the trend of mere stylish homage.

Planetary Vision provides a spiritual sequel to Namiki’s 2020 debut Nu Vision, swerving between neon-tinted ethnomusicology and mature kosmische introspection, landing somewhere near the crisp surreality of artists like Visible Cloaks— or label-mates Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Cool Maritime— while still conveying a vision entirely its own.”

Planetary Vision / 惑​星​の​ビ​ジ​ョ​ン gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.