NXNE 2010: [Part 1]

Finally back home in Ottawa.
For those living under a rock, I went to Toronto to attend this year’s NXNE Music Festival.
This was my second time going to this and I usually have a fun time at NXNE.
I will review mostly from Wednesday and Thursday’s events.
This will be a long post.

For Wednesday, despite the confusion and missing out some shows that I would want to have checked out.
I only managed to see one.
I went to the Velvet Underground and catch the Toronto band Cut Throat Kids.
They were very pop punk alternative.
Reminds me of Paramore. They had a lively presence.
I can see them do somewhat well if they tapped and be accessible on the teen scene and do more all ages shows.

So that was my Wednesday night.

Thursday was a big day.
I was lucky enough to get into the Polaris Prize Long-list ceremonies.
It was held at the “Drake” Hotel Sky Yard.
Met so many people from Lana Gay, Craig Norris and Grant Lawrence from CBC Radio 3.
Also finally met Crystal and Michael from Aux TV.
The only time I got to see Trevor Weeks there.
I was surprised to see the guys from Elliott Brood, Jill Barber who looked really beautiful, Damien “Pink Eyes” of F**ked Up and D-Sissive.
The long-list this year is really good and was surprised with some acts that were nominated.
At least one was not on the list, but I will keep my opinions to myself.
People are sort of surprised that Frog Eyes is on the long list.
I was glad that Basia Bulat, Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde and Caribou made it.
More surprised that Young Galaxy, Brasstronaut and You Say Party! We Say Die! made it.
The full list is on their website.
Afterwards I decided to get some polaroid shots
One of Grant

One of Pink Eyes

After this, I headed off to Spadina to attend this free show/Nacho House party.
It was not what I expected it to be.
It was fun rooftop party and the guys of Hollerado were busy making nachos.
The place was held at Sari of Audiobloodmedia apartment.
The bands I caught were:

  • PS I Love You
  • Boxer The Horse
  • Molly Rankin
  • Sandman Viper Command
  • The Balconies
  • Dinosaur Bones

It was such a fun time being there.
I met a lot of people, new and old.
I was very impressed with PS I Love You, it was fun indie poppy grungey music.
Boxer The Horse and Molly Rankin was great.
Sandman Viper Command was rocking it up.
The Balconies did an absolute set
Dinosaur Bones just rocked it.
I missed out Hollerado and Still Life Still’s set.

Which is why, after Dino Bone’s set.
I headed off to The Great Hall which happens to be very far into Queen Street West.
I decided for my Thursday night to stick to this venue and see all six bands play.
Two of the bands I have already seen before.
I wanted to see different bands that I rarely get to see live.
Playing there were:

    • Friendo
    • Demon’s Claws
    • Women
    • Best Coast
    • CoCoComa
    • Thee Oh Sees

It was a fun and wild show.
I love seeing Friendo and Women live!
Women played some new materials which I was not familiar with.
But I love hearing Black Rice live, just pure bliss.
The other bands were my first time seeing live.
Demon’s Claws was totally psychedelic crazy rock. Can’t believe they are from Montreal.
Best Coast apparently drew a lot of people. Her music was very indie surf pop rock.
CoCoComa was indie garage rock and I was totally loving their set.
Thee Oh Sees just got totally insane, I was there for the first song and it was crazy.
Apparently, someone threw beer on the stage and got somewhat wet.
I was glad to be at this show since it was the first time seeing these American bands.
What was surprising was seeing some Ottawa peeps attending this show.
Probably the line-up drew them.
It was worth it but bummed out missing out the other shows in different venues.

Overall it was a start to a fun week at NXNE.


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