NXNE 2009: Day 1

Its around 3am and I just got back to my friend’s place in the pouring rain.
I didn’t get a chance to go to the Opening night for NXNE.

I went to the Drake Hotel and check out
J.J. Ipsen @ The Drake Hotel
J.J. Ipsen
The D’Urbervilles

All I have to say that I had a fun time seeing again.
Toronto blows Ottawa big time with their shows.
Why? Because even on a Wednesday night, people did show for a show and it was crowded.
The D'Urbervilles @ The Drake Hotel
The D’Urbs were amazing and vibe was amazing.
The played a new song called Junk Pile and its sounds very heavy.
Lioness @ The Drake Hotel
Lioness was my first time live.
Very dancey and fun.
Surprised that Becky of You Say Party! We Say Die made an appearance and came on stage for one stage.
Very loud set too
Lioness @ The Drake Hotel

Woodhands are always amazing live.
Sang a long version of Dancers which made me very excited to listen and dance.
Woodhands @ The Drake HotelWoodhands @ The Drake Hotel

Also before the show there was five short films by Citysonic with different musicians
They are:
Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck
That short was my favorite.
Loved the history of him playing “Sneaky Dee’s”

Cancer Bats
That short was alright but not into the hardcore scene.

Justin Rutledge
Nice short about his stint at the Cameron House.

Tyler Stewart | Barenaked Ladies
Funny short about Queen St. West. Nice to see a short footage with “Steven Page” from Speaker’s Corners singing “Be My Yoko Ono”.
The band doing a acoustic show outside Queen St West. I wished I was there but it looked like it was filmed during the winter time.

Danko Jones
Short about playing at the Maple Leaf Gardens and I didn’t know he was the last band to play that arena before it closed.


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