NXNE: Day 2

It was a fun interesting Thursday.
Went to the Hyatt Regency Hotel and picked up my media pass which I was excited.
This is when the actual fun began

Picked up a goodie bag, inside it was mostly books, CDs and stuff but I love the bag.
I went to the conference area and wandered to see what is there.

I did try the Tenori. Weird instrument gadget.
Finally got to Rah Rah play live in the Conference room.
Last time was a month ago and I only caught two songs.
They were amazing live, thought it was funny the first song they sang was F**k Nafta.
This  is a band you have to see live.
Rah Rah @ NXPO

I went to the smaller stage on Yonge-Dundas Square and saw this band called the North.
The North @ Yonge-Dundas Square

At 5pm I went to Sunrise Records for a In-Store Session.
I saw Dinosaur Bones play at the store.
It was a fun experience to see a band play in a music store.
Dinosaur Bones @ Sunrise Records
I decided to check up at Dundas Square and saw Spiral Beach play there.
I didn’t stay for the whole show but it was nice to see that alot of people were there to check their music and the fans.
Spiral Beach @ NXNE

Then I went to the Arts & Crafts Showcase Night 2.
I am kind of bummed out that I missed out the first night since the special guest was Broken Social Scene with Feist.
But I went and saw Zeus, Timber Timbre, Still Life Still and The Most Serene Republic.
Zeus @ The Courthouse
I didn’t stay to see the Stills, who were the special guest for night 2.
Totally a fun night.
Zeus was great and didn’t expect them to be that great.
Timber Timbre was alright, maybe because they had saxophone player and another person using the slide guitar. I wish it was one of the members of Ohbijou who does the violin.
Timber Timbre @ The Courthouse
Still Life Still was amazing, totally rocked everyone who was in attendance.
Still Life Still @ The Courthouse
The Most Serene Republic was amazing and sang mostly new tracks from the new album “…And The Ever Expanding Universe”.
Totally energetic and fun.
The Most Serene Republic @ The Courthouse
I had a fun night at the Courthouse for the Arts & Crafts showcase.
I would have went to another venue but I am so tired and need some rest.

Friday is going to be another crazy one.

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