Octoberman – There You Were [Streaming]

Wow! Has it been almost 10 years!
Today the musician Octoberman (aka Marc Morrissette) who is now living in Ottawa dropped the sixth album called There You Were via Ishmalia Records.
An emotional album that is filled with indie folk rock and alterna-pop with a fuller band sound vibe.

About the album by Marc:
Nearly a decade after 2014’s What More What More, Marc Morrissette’s Octoberman project returns with There You Were, an album written and recorded after the sudden death of Morrissette’s mother.
Touching on themes of grief, post-apocalyptic dread, isolation, nostalgia and new beginnings, There You Were is an elegiac and urgent ode to resilience in the face of loss.

Outside of making up goofy songs for my kids, learning covers, and capturing ideas onto my iPhone, I stopped creating music in any focused way for years. Family responsibilities had taken over and I was at peace with that. But last year, after my mom’s unexpected passing, I found myself writing new songs and finishing up old ones. After sharing demos with Marshall Bureau, Tavo Diez de Bonilla and J.J Ipsen, we booked a couple of rehearsals followed by five days at Union Sound Company in Toronto with producer Chris Stringer. I love the tasteful touches that everyone brought as we played together. Later on, Chris added synth, guitar and percussion while Rebecca Hennessy added trumpet and Annelise Noronha and Kate Rogers sang harmonies. I’m super appreciative and proud of how it all turned out.

Big thanks to all of the talented individuals involved in the makings (everyone mentioned above plus engineering by Darren McGill, Gavin Gardiner on the mastering & art layout by Jeffry Lee), family and friends for the encouragement, and anyone else who’s been a part of or supported this project over the years.

Dedicated to Morgan, E & I, and the memory of JoAnne Morrissette.

There You Were gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.