Octoberman, Winchester Warm, & Andy Swan @ Raw Sugar Cafe

With alot of various shows that happened in Ottawa on October 16th.
One being OCFF which I went on Friday night.
Going to be silly to say this that Octoberman seems to tour during October.
I decided to go to this show at Raw Sugar Cafe.

Octoberman @ Raw Sugar Cafe

I was very surprise with the turnout of the show.
Mostly people were there to see Andy Swan play.

Andy Swan started off the show.
I forgot how great he is live.
There was an appearance of Jon Bartlett accompanying Andy on a few songs.
Great set and he was selling so called “Andy Swan Glassware”!

Second was Winchester Warm.
I’ve seen them live various times in Ottawa.
They suited very well at Raw Sugar Cafe.

Lastly Octoberman played.
I only got to stay for a few songs.
Played a really great set.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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