OHYUNG – imagine naked! [Streaming]

Today the Brooklyn-based musician and composer Robert Ouyang Rusli who goes by OHYUNG dropped the anticipated debut album imagine naked! via NNA Tapes.
A beautiful experimental ambient and electronic album to zone out.

About the album:
On this album, OHYUNG shifts again, deliberately moving away from the experimental, electronic, hip-hop, and noise influenced work of their previous records, Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame), PROTECTOR, and GODLESS, and expanding on the space found in their work as a composer on films like Bambirak, which won the 2021 Short Film Jury Award for International Fiction at Sundance Film Festival, and the Gotham Award-nominated Test Pattern.

By focusing on longer, more drawn-out, and textural compositions as an exercise in patience and as a means to cope with the difficult, oscillating new experience of time brought on by the pandemic, OHYUNG has found yet another new way to consider reality and feeling.

imagine naked! is humanist music that seeks to explore the mundane strangeness that defines our everyday and that breathes air, or purpose, or just some kind of color into ourselves and the people and the environment around us.

imagine naked! gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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