Ormiston – Rebel [Music Video]

Montreal artist Ormiston dropped the music video for Rebel.
The track is taken from Hammer Down which comes out on June 4, 2021 via Libson Lux Records.
Rebel is fun synth-pop 80s new wave inspired track.

About the track:
“Along with Ormiston, we decided to go with a Top of the Pops setting for his musical performance.
I loved the texture of the song Rebel that felt very analogic to me,” Ariel says of the production.
“I wanted to recreate that same texture though the images and got very inspired by everything that could alter the image.

When we settled on using old cathodic televisions as a means to distort and modify the visuals, I got very enthusiastic and so we got 13 of them!”

Rebel gets:

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