Osheaga 2010 (Review): Part Two

Part two of attending Osheaga Music Festival.
The acts that I saw on Day 1 were:

After the insanity of Japandroids.
I headed up to the main stage and see my favorite band STARS.
While waiting for STARS, I caught the last three songs of K’Naan’s set.
It was a great set and I know there are some who love or hate the song.
The last song was of course the most over played song in Canada and now the world.
I am talking about Wavin’ Flag. I am more familiar with the Celebration remix but there were people waving their arms and singing it.

When K’Naan was done, Stars came on.
They started off “We Don’t Want Your Body”.
Stars just melts me away with their live performance.
Being in Montreal, it was nice to hear Torq and Amy speak abit of French to the crowds.
They played most from the album “The Five Ghost”.
Absolutely great to see them various times.

After Stars, I caught abit of Keane.
I only stayed for the first three song.
Forgot the name of the first song but it was catchy to hear.
Second song was Is It Any Wonder? and I was like whoa!
Third song was Everybody’s Changing and I was like they are singing their popular songs all of a sudden.
I didn’t know that the lead singer of Keane can speak French.
I heard that K’Naan joined Keane on stage for a song.

I caught abit of Jamie Lidell.
I was dancing up to his funky music.

After his set, I was very excited to see Beach House which was my first time.
Despite their set being somewhat 15-20 minutes late.
They played an absolutely “DREAMTACULAR” set!
Loved the rotating pom pom like diamonds.
I wasn’t aware that Victoria Legrand was the lead singer.
Thought Alex Scally sung most of the tracks.
Victoria looks very much like Patti Smith.
This was one of my favorite sets despite being late at Osheaga.
I left after they sang Zebra (Is that a Tracy Chapman cover? The song before Zebra was the cover?) which is so far my favorite song from them!

Finally met up with Samantha Everts who was covering for apt613.
We caught the National.
Somehow I was very surprised on the loud angry side of the National.
More familiar with the softer, mellow and depressed side of the National.
Gave me chills when I heard “Fake Empire”.
Overall an amazing set!

Then saw The Arcade Fire.
It was the same setup from Bluesfest.
But different setlist.
Owen Pallett joined them and it was something to see and hear!
It wasn’t part of their set but during the show fireworks came on (they were coming from LaRonde).
The fireworks actually blended when they played Crown of Love.
They played a mix from Funeral, Neon Bible and of course the new album The Suburbs.
It was a first for Win to sing Deep Blue off “The Suburbs”.
I didn’t stay for the rest of the set because I had to meet up with Erin Ross from Nightwood who I was staying at their place.
Had to get to the Metro before the rush of people and not wait for about 1 hour or so to get on it.
I heard from Melody of Singinglamb that they ended off with confetti.
Wished I would have stayed longer.

Overall I was very happy and enjoyed Day 1 of Osheaga.
Day 2 will be up very shortly.

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