Ottawa Bluesfest 2011: Day 6

Sunday happened to be a great Day 6 for Ottawa Bluesfest 2011.
There was alot of acts that I saw and some surprises on this day.
The only thing I accidentally missed was Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.
Anyways the acts that I saw were:

Starting off my day, I went up to the Subway stage to see Prescott play.
They were really good with their country folk music.
There were people on hand to see them live.
Hopefully they will make it big very soon.

Caught abit of Jolie Holland at the Claridge stage.
She was amazing live.
Just her and a violinist on stage from what I saw.

Ottawa’s Paramedics played their first outdoor show at Bluesfest.
It was at the National Bank stage.
There was some minor delays due with the equipment the band had.
But they went on and put on a great set.
People I knew was in attendance to support them.

Caught a song from Mehdi Cayenne Club at the Subway stage.
From what I remembered they sang in French.
I wasn’t aware that Phillipe Charbonneau and Olivier Fairfield are in that band.

Went to check out Dropkick Murphys at the Claridge stage.
Man that was insanely crazy.
I left after that one song since it was too chaotic.

After that went to the Barney Danson Theatre to see Little Scream.
She was so great!
Love to see her live again and again.
You should get the album “The Golden Record”.

Caught parts of Diamond Rings.
Didn’t take any photos since I was mostly dancing to the songs!
Wonderful and fun set!
Good for him to do really well!

Library Voices totally rocked the Subway stage.
I was only there for four songs but it was an amazing good four songs.
I missed out the part where they jumped out of the stage and interacted with the audience.
It’s what to expect from this big band.
Fun and crazy!

Strangely enough I went and shot some photos of Neon Indian at the National Bank stage.
They were amazingly good!
If you into indie electronica-chillwave.

Yukon Blonde totally rocked it at The National Bank stage.
Can’t believe in under one year they are becoming very popular.

A Perfect Circle was more like a perfect waste of time.
For photographer’s point of view, it was hard to catch the lead singer due to being media/photographer shy.
I might get in trouble for saying this, if you don’t want the attention then don’t be a musician.

Josh Ritter at the National Bank stage.
He was truly amazing live.

Overall it seemed to be a National Bank stage kind of day at Bluesfest.
Here are the rest of the photos.


  1. josh malfie

    Hey ming,
    Did you catch any of Kalle Mattson’s set?
    I can’t find photos of their bluesfest show on any blogs – thought I saw you in the crowd,
    Josh M

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