1. Arcade FireThe Suburbs (#1 on Chart #7 & #8)
  2. BlurFool’s Day (#1 on Chart #1)
  3. Basia BulatThe Shore (#1 on Chart #12)
  4. Ruby CoastWhatever This Is (#1 on Chart #21#22#23#24)
  5. StarsFixed (#1 on Chart #2#3)
  6. WomenEyesore (#1 on Chart #15#16#17 )
  7. The Belle GameShoulders & Turn (#1 on Chart #6)
  8. The AcornRestoration (#1 on Chart #5)
  9. ShadRose Garden (#1 on Chart #14)
  10. Broken Social SceneWorld Sick
  11. CaribouOdessa
  12. Sleigh BellsRill Rill
  13. Evening HymnsDead Deer (#1 on chart #9#10#11)
  14. Land Of TalkQuarry Hymns (#1 on chart #19)
  15. Diamond RingsSomething Else (#1 on chart #27)
  16. The Love MachineBe A Path (#1 on chart #25)
  17. Tokyo Police ClubBreakneck Speed
  18. UsherOMG
  19. KelisAcapella (Radio Edit)
  20. Glee CastDon’t Stop Believin’
  21. BravestationWhite Wolves (#1 on Chart #18)
  22. The BalconiesSerious Bedtime (#1 on Chart #13)
  23. Crystal CastlesNot In Love (#1 on Chart #29)(via. I Guess I’m Floating)
  24. Rich AucoinPush
  25. Patrick WatsonJe te laisserai des mots (#1 on Chart #26)
  26. BraidsLemonade (#1 on Chart #30)
  27. Hooded FangMutant Bear (#1 on Chart #28)
  28. M.I.A.XXXO (#1 on Chart #4)
  29. AdeleMake You Feel My Love (#1 on Chart #31)
  30. Glee Cast – Halo/Walking On Sunshine
  31. Winter GlovesPlastic Slides
  32. NightwoodCarve A Path Like A Valley Through The Land
  33. David Guetta feat. Kid CudiMemories
  34. Cee-Lo GreenF**k You (via. Side One Track One)
  35. Glee CastForget You
  36. Silly KissersYou Could Even Like Me
  37. Eminem feat Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie/Love The Way You Lie Part II
  38. Kanye WestPower (via. Whale In A Cubicle)
  39. Tashtook – End Of Summer (#1 on Chart #20)
  40. Glee CastTeenage Dream
  41. Owen PallettLewis Takes Action
  42. Wolf ParadeYulia
  43. Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce – Telephone
  44. K’NaanWavin’ Flag (Celebration Remix)
  45. OK GoThis Too Shall Pass/This Too Shall Pass (Marching Band Version)
  46. The NationalRunaway
  47. The New PornographerYour Hands (Together)
  48. RobynHang With Me
  49. B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams – Airplanes
  50. Glee CastTotal Eclipse of the Heart


  1. Forest City LoversCarriage
    [Listen to Minneapolis (via http://www.drawuslines.com), If I Were A Tree, Constellation, and Tell Me, Cancer]
  2. Basia BulatHeart Of My Own
    [Listen to Go OnHeart Of My Own, Run and Gold Rush]
  3. (TIE) WomenPublic Strain/Owen PallettHeartland
    [Listen to Can’t You SeeNarrow With The Hall and Eyesore/Listen to E Is For Estranged,Lewis Takes ActionLewis Takes His Shirt Off and The Great Elsewhere]
  4. Arcade FireThe Suburbs
    [Listen to The SuburbsSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), We Used To Wait, Ready To Start, Rocco, Empty Room & Half Light II (No Celebration)]
  5. The AcornNo Ghost
    [Listen to Misplaced, Cobbled From Dust, On The Line, Bobcat Goldwraith & Restoration]
  6. CaribouSwim
    [Listen to Odessa, Sun, Kaili & Jamelia.]
  7. Land Of TalkCloak and Cipher
    [Listen to Quarry HymnsSwift Coin and Hamburg, Noon]
  8. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers – And Now We Sing
    [Listen to Odessa (Not the Caribou song) and Sparrow.]
  9. StarsThe Five Ghosts
    [Listen to Dead Hearts (My favorite!), He Dreams He’s Awake (Second favorite) I Died So I Could Haunt You, Fixed, We Don’t Want Your Body & Wasted Daylight]
  10. Born Ruffians – Say It
    [Listen to The Ballad of Moose Bruce,Sole Brother, Nova-Leigh, What To Say]
  11. Broken Social SceneForgiveness Rock Record
    [Listen to All To All,World SickForced To LoveMeet Me In the Basement]
  12. ShadTSOL
    [Listen to Yaa I Get It and Rose Garden]
  13. Gramercy RiffsIt’s Heartbreak
    [Listen to Call Me, Oh Linda! and The Freezedown]
  14. The Love MachineSweater Weather
    [Listen to Love Is On Your Side]
  15. Winter GlovesAll Red
    [Listen to Plastic Slides (via Up to the Hour)]
  16. Young RivalLP
    [Listen to Don’t Make A Sound, Authentic]
  17. Diamond RingsSpecial Affections
    [Listen to Something Else, All Yr Songs, Wait & See]
  18. KarkwaLes Chemins De Verre
    [Listen to Les chemins de verreDors Dans Mon Sang and Marie, Tu Pleurs]
  19. PS I Love YouWelcome To The Muster Station
    [Listen to 2012, Facelove and Meet Me At The Muster Station]
  20. Jim Bryson and The WeakerthansThe Falcon Lake Incident
    [Listen to Metal Girls, Constellation and Wild Folk]
  21. Shapes and SizesCandle To The Your Eye
    [Listen to I Need an Outlet and Tell Your Mom]
  22. Meligrove Band – Shimmering Lights
    [Listen to Bones Attack!! and Racing To Shimmering Lights]
  23. BrasstronautMount Chimaera
    [Listen to Slow Knots and Six Toes (via Listen Before You Buy)]
  24. Hooded FangHooded Fang Album
    [Listen to Sleep Song (via i(heart)music) and Laughing (via Herohill)]
  25. Loon ChoirExpansion Forces
    [Listen to Bricks and New Forewarnings]
  26. Tokyo Police ClubChamp
    [Listen to Breakneck SpeedWait Up (Boots Of Danger), Bambi (via music for ants)]
  27. The Wilderness Of ManitobaWhen You Left The Fire
    [Listen to Hermit and Sea Song (via i(heart)music)]
  28. Aidan KnightVersicolour
    [Listen to Jasper (via Slowcoustic) The Sun and Fighting Against Your Lungs (via Draw.Us.Lines)]
  29. Yukon Blonde – Yukon Blonde
    [Listen to Wind Blows and Rather Be With You (via mfr)]
  30. Final FlashHomeless
    Listen to Go Outside (via Vague Space), The Awakening and When the Day Turns Black (via awmusic.ca)
  31. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II)
    Listen to Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith)(via. I Guess I’m Floating) , Celestica and Baptism
  32. The Besnard LakesThe Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
    Listen to Albatross and And This Is What We Call Progress
  33. Radio RadioBelmundo Regal
    Listen to Ej savais pas mieux and 9 Piece Luggage Set
  34. Rah Rah – Breaking Hearts
    Listen to Ghosts and Arrows
  35. The New PornographersTogether
    Listen to Crash Years and Your Hands (Together)
  36. Wolf ParadeExpo 86
    Listen to Yulia and Cave-O-Sapien
  37. Hannah Georgas – This Is It
    Listen to Bang Bang You’re Dead and Chit Chat
  38. We Fled CairoAdult Braces
    Listen to Derivative and Awkward Boner
  39. Chris PageA Date With A Smoke Machine
    Listen to Slideshows and Two Twenty Twos.
  40. Pat JordacheFuture Songs
    Listen to get IT and gold BOUND
  41. Plants and AnimalsLa La Land
    Listen to The Mama Papa and Undone Melody
  42. DVASSociety
    Listen to Society and Giving It All Away
  43. Steven McKaySteven McKay
    Listen to Slow Down and Of All The Places.
  44. Zeus – Say Us
    Listen to River By the Garden
  45. SuunsZeroes, QC
    Listen to Up Past The Nursery
  46. Library Voices – Demin on Demin
    Listen to Drinking Games and Party Like It’s 2012
  47. WoodhandsRemorsecapade
    Listen to Dissembler and Pockets and
  48. David VertesiCardiography
    Listen to All Night, All Night, All Night
  49. The Russian FuturistsThe Weight’s On The Wheels
    Listen to Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds, 100 Shopping Days ’til Christmas and Register My Firearms? No Way!
  50. Elizabeth Shepherd – Heavy Falls The Night
  51. Woodpigeon – Die Stadt Muzikanten
    Listen to Duck Duck Goose
  52. The Mountains and the Trees – I Made This For You
    Listen to More, More, More and Minimum Wage Lovers
  53. Matthew Barber – True Believer
    Listen to Revolution of the Sun
  54. Holy F**k – Latin
    Listen to Red Lights, Latin America and Stilettos
  55. Politique – Secret Shock
    Listen to Me Meet After Dark and Battles
  56. Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart
    Listen to Radiant HeartsThe Hair Song and Old Fangs
  57. Wintersleep – New Inheritors
    Listen to New Inheritors, Black Camera, Encyclopedia and Echolocation
  58. Winchester WarmSky One Room
    Listen to Surf’s Up
  59. Fanshaw – Dark Eyes
    Listen to Dark Eyes
  60. Pop Winds – The Turquoise
    Listen to Owl Eyes, Feel It and Drowning in the Dark
  61. CowlickWires
    Listen to Wires
  62. Hot Panda – How Come I’m Dead
    Listen to Pools
  63. Jason Collett – Rat A Tat Tat
    Listen to Bitch City
  64. BoatsCannonballs, Cannonballs!
    Listen to Haircuts For Everybody!! & A Tinfoil Everythings
  65. Sadie Hell – Sadie Hell
  66. The SadiesDarker Circles
    Listen to Another Year Again
  67. Bran Van 3000The Garden
    Listen to Garden Waltz & Grace (Love On The Block)
  68. The Provincial Archive – Maybe We Could Be Holy
    Listen to You Roll Like Raindrops
  69. Erin Lang – You Are Found
    Listen to You’re Coming Home
  70. The Wind Up Radio SessionsRed Brick House
  71. LeaferSea Scene
  72. The Racoon WeddingGather Gather Bones/Rattle Rattle Truth (Technically on iTunes it was released on June 15, 2010)
    Listen to Adelaide and The Outlaw
  73. Centretown CripplersThere’s Nothing Good About Where You Live

  74. BocceDisambiguation
    Listen to Highlighter (Reverse Video)
  75. Old Crowns – Old Crowns
    Listen to She’s a Weight


  1. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
    Listen to The SuburbsThe Suburbs (Continued)Month Of May, Ready To Start, We Used To Wait, Half Light II (No Celebration).
  2. Beach House – Teen Dream
    Listen to Norway, 10 Mile Stereo, Zebra & Walk In The Park
  3. The National – High Violet
    Listen to Bloodbuzz OhioConversation 16RunawaySorrow
  4. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Listen to Power, Runaway, Lost In The World (feat. Bon Iver)
  5. Robyn – Body Talk
    Listen to Hang With Me & Dancing On My Own
  6. LCD Soundsystem – This Happening
    Listen to You Wanted A Hit, Pow Pow & I Can Change
  7. Sleigh BellsTreats
    Listen to Rill Rill & Infinity Guitars
  8. Gil-Scott Heron – I’m New Here
    Listen to I’m New Here & You Soul and Mine
  9. Best CoastCrazy For You
    Listen to Boyfriend, Bratty B
  10. The Depreciation GuildSpirit Youth
    Listen to Crucify You
  11. Bear In Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth
    Listen to Lovesick Teenagers
  12. Joanna NewsomHave One On Me
    Listen to ‘81, Good Intentions Paving Company and On a Good Day
  13. YeasayerOdd Blood
    Listen to Ambling Alp, O.N.E. & Madder Red
  14. The Drums – The Drums
    Listen to Best Friend
  15. Caribou – Swim
    Listen to Odessa
  16. The Morning BendersBig Echo
    Listen to Excuses & Promises
  17. Owen Pallett – Heartland
  18. Mumford & Sons – Sign No More
    Listen to The Cave
  19. Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz
    Listen to Impossible Soul, I WalkedToo Much
  20. Lost in the Trees – All Alone In An Empty House
    Listen to Walk Around The Lake, Fireplace and All Alone In An Empty House
  21. Toro Y Moi – Causers of This
    Listen to Blessa and Minor
  22. Delphic – Acolyte
    Listen to This MomentaryDoubt and Clarion Call
  23. The American Dollar – Atlas
    Listen to Red Letter, Fade In Out & A Few Words
  24. InletsInter Arbiter
    Listen to Bright Orange Air
  25. OK Go – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky
    Listen to WTF?This Too Shall Pass (Marching Band Version)
  26. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
  27. Liars – Sisterworld
  28. Growing – Pumps!
  29. The Books – The Way Out
  30. Vampire Weekend – Contra

I happened to stumble into The Hype Machine‘s Most Blogged Artists of 2010.
There are really good artworks they had on there.
Kind of surprised on which artist were blogged about in 2010.

Here are my favorite artworks in their Top 50 Blogged Artists of 2010.

#50 Daft Punk by R Stevens

#43 Wolf Parade by Michael C. Hsiung

#40 The New Pornographers by Chris Govias

#36 Broken Social Scene by Scott Albrecht

#32 Robyn by Michael Hoeweler

#27 Toro Y Moi by Tim Green

#25 M.I.A. by Jamie McKelvie

#21 FOALS by Vaugh Fender

#18 The Radio Dept. by Thomas Hansen

#16 Vampire Weekend by Josh Lafayette

#13 Best Coast by Mimi Love

#10 Arcade Fire by Lee Crutchley

#7 Sleigh Bells by Marc Ellerby

#6 LCD Soundsystem by Richard Onslow

#3 The National by Adam Cadwell

#2 Caribou by Nicholas Fox

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