Pastel Blank – Dopamine [Music Video]

Recently the Victoria BC artist Pastel Blank dropped the weird music video for Dopamine.
A post funk grovy new wave pop tune.
About the track by Angus:
“Dopamine,” is about the moment when you realize you’ve been flipping between apps like you’re checking an empty fridge for the 10th time, hoping to feed your receptors something that feels as good as the younger days of however long ago you picked up your phone.

Ultimately, you just trust the algorithm like it were family and fall your way down each doom scroll rabbit hole.
This song is a continuation of the irreverent social commentary set out in “Shareholder,” the first single off the forthcoming Pastel Blank LP. It takes a look at our obsession with doom scrolling and social media dopamine quick-fix.

Produced by longtime band member and musical polymath Connor Head, one of my desires for the recording in-studio was for “Dopamine” to express the excitement and playfulness of the soon-to-be infamous Pastel Blank live show.

Dopamine gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.