Patrick Holland – The Leash [Music Video]

Today the Montreal-based musician Patrick Holland dropped the first single of 2023 called The Leash.
A fun upbeat electro-pop dance tune.

About the track by Patrick:
“I wanted to make a tune that leapt out of the speakers – every time it became familiar and easy to follow I’d shoehorn in a new part and force it to translate while retaining excitement.”

Along with the single, Holland shares a self-shot music video he created travelling up State Route 1. Featuring snapshots of the beach, the road’s shoulder, a hotel room, and various high-speed highway locations, Holland aimed to capture the playful mood of the song and provide a window into solo life on the road.

Spontaneity at its core, “The Leash” boasts snappy solos, synth flourishes, and unexpected blown-out guitars. Lyrically the song delves into the ambiguity of self-control, missed opportunities for change and misunderstanding of who’s in charge. Written, recorded, and mixed solo in his mixed bag Montreal studio, “The Leash” hints that there is plenty more to come.

The Leash gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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