Pillars and Tongues – Knifelike [Listen]

I was curious to this Chicago band called Pillars and Tongues.
Listening to Knifelike I felt like the 1980s have returned with it’s new wave mellow synth-rock sound.
All I can think of at the moment is Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.
Have a listen to the song.

The band push expectations of tone, texture ambience and the vocal instrument.
“End-dances” drops on September 17, 2013 through Empty Cellar Records.

Here is some info:
Recorded by Theo Karon, End-dances leaps forward in the direction implied by the last full-length, The Pass and Crossings, and the recent cassette, If Travel is Asked of Me.
Long-form compositions are coerced into considered and patiently constructed songs, resulting in their most pop-oriented work to date. But in that, the work allies with the darker, stranger side of the pop realm, evoking the drama and atmosphere of Dead Can Dance, and the art-prog experimentation of Peter Gabriel’s 4. The characteristic harmonium and violin blend with enveloping synths, undulating loops and gated rhythms of hazy origin.

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