Polaris Prediction

Everyone is in anticipation for the 4th Annual Polaris Music Prize on September 21st.
Somehow I wish I can be a jury member for this.
I did a prediction awhile back and I should update on who I should think would win it.
Have to say I have all the albums except for F*cked Up and K’Naan that is nominated.
Except for F*cked Up, I have all their autographs on the albums. K’Naan is on a Bluefest ticket stub.

Here is a review of who is nominated:
Elliott Brood – Mountain Meadows

F*cked Up – Chemistry of Common Life

Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels

Hey Rosetta! – Into Your Lungs

K’naan – Troubador

Malajube – Labyrinths

Metric – Fantasies

Joel Plaskett – Three

Chad Vangaalen – Soft Airplane

Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms

Chad Vangaalen 100%
Why: Soft Airplane is a unique album. It has everything from indie pop, folk, electronica, rock and alternative. The lyrics are very prolific.
Best tracks: Willow Tree, Bones of Man, Cries Of The Dead, Inside The Molecules, Molten Light and Frozen Energon.

Joel Plaskett 90%
Why: As I said before Three is an ambitious album and it ranges from rock in Volume 1, acoustic in Volume 2 and a mix of both in Volume 3.
Best tracks: Through & Through & Through, You Let Me Down, Wishful Thinking, “Shine On, Shine On, Shine On”, In The Blue Moonlight, “Rewind, Rewind, Rewind” and On & On & On

Elliott Brood 80%
Why: Its a great album which the title comes from the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Great songwriting and music.
Best tracks: Write It All Down For You, Without Again, The Valley Town, Notes and Miss You Now.

Hey Rosetta! 75%
Why: Another great album by a big band. There might be a chance of this band winning.
Best tracks: Red Heart

Why: There might be a chance he will win it.

F*cked Up
Why: Somehow with a band name like that will kind of surprise everyone. Even surprise the Harper government.

Why: I have this weird feeling there might be a chance they will win it.
Fantasies is a good album but let’s say that three songs on the album have been overplayed.
Best tracks: Help! I’m Alive, Gimme Sympathy, Sick Muse, Front Row and Twilight Galaxy

So tune into CBC Radio 3 for the live broadcast.
Or if you want to see the live video, go to Much Music.
Can’t wait to find out who will win this year’s $20,000 prize.


  1. Kris Joseph

    It’s SO not fair that you don’t automatically LOVE Hey Rosetta. Sheesh! Anyway, I’d love for THEM to win, but somehow I doubt they will… except in my heart 😉

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