Polaris Music Prize winner is…

With the crazy twittering I did this year and watching it live on Much Music online.
F**ked Up is the 2009 Polaris Music Prize winner.
At least it wasn’t a single white make artist winning this year.
No offence they are amazing musicians just needed a change this year.
I didn’t put them on my predictions but mostly as a underdog.
Who knew they would win.
*During their Polaris Music Prize performance that Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy played with them. That was very amazing to see*

Off all the albums I’ve listened to.
This is one album I haven’t gotten a chance to listen.
Now on to the music shops and purchase it.
I wonder how shocked the Harper Government will feel about this now???
Guessing they will totally sell out a show in Ottawa.
Let the F-ed up jokes begin or “Well isn’t that f**ked up?” comment/catchphrase.
Or let the dropping the F-Bombs begin.
More coverage go on to CBC Radio 3.

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