Pop Montreal 2010: Day 2

Day 2 of Pop Montreal couldn’t come in the worst time which was mostly weather related.
I am talking mostly about the rain but it was still a busy night to check out the acts playing.
Sadly I didn’t get to see Women, the Arbutus Records showcase, Bonjay and Holy Fuck.
Here is how my day started in Day 2 of Pop Montreal.

The day started out with doing a short interview with François Lafontaine of Karkwa.
I was more amazed of being downstairs in Metropolis.

After that I headed up to Barfly for the changed plans of the BBQ show.
I just missed out Lost In The Trees.
In a quick swoop, I did a short interview with most of the band.

What is great about Pop Montreal, you will never know who you will encounter at various shows.
This one was unexpected, after interview with Lost In The Trees.
I decided to hit up Le Divan Orange for the ABM afternoon showcase curated by Abbey Braden, Maria Porcaro & Alex Bolieu.
When I got there there was like only about five people in attendance to see Vancouver’s Christopher Smith.
I got there during the last two songs.
His music is indie acoustic pop. I was very impressed with the set.
After he was done, I happened to noticed someone sitting and it happened to be Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara.
I was very surprised and I just had to get her autograph. She was very nice.
She was there to see Christopher play.
Christopher Smith @ Le Divan Orange
I have to say this is what makes these kinds of music festival unique, you will never know who you bump into.
Then catched abit of Montreal’s David Martel‘s set.
His music is indie folk rock.
David Martel @ Le Divan Orange
Afterwards I headed to the Pop Montreal Delegate Party.
I was there just to get the free food.
It was cool to see Cadence Weapon DJing for the party.
Met some interesting people.

Headed up to Metropolis.
It was totally packed because it was Leif Vollebekk and Karkwa playing.
It nice to see Leif play to big audience.
He had a backing back this time.
The first two songs I was near the stage and I decided that it was getting to crazy and didn’t want to annoy the people.
So I went upstairs balcony, at least there was a section for media people.
I had to say it was a magical evening seeing Leif play to a big crowd.
I cried when he played 1921.
Best show he has ever done!
Leif Vollebek @ Metropolis
I didn’t stay much for Karkwa.
Stuck around for two songs.
But it was a brilliant setup they put on.
Karkwa @ Metropolis
After walking in the torrential downpour of the rain.
Headed up to Cabaret Juste Pour Rire to see the three of the following acts which is part of the Secret City/Upperclass Records showcase:

  • The Russian Futurists
  • The Russian Futurists @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

  • Miracle Fortress
  • Miracle Fortress @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

  • Diamond Rings
  • Diamond Rings @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

All three were terrific and I had a blast.
Mostly I had more of a fun time dancing to Diamond Rings.
Still can’t believe its been one year since I first saw him play at Pop Montreal, things has certainly change for him.
The new album is coming very soon on Secret City.
Miracle Fortress I was kind of surprised since it was just Graham going solo and more of digital/electronica affair with the new material.

Final stop of the evening was at La Sala Rossa.
I didn’t get to see The Luyas play (Made it up in seeing them on Saturday).
I was more excited to see Bear In Heaven from Brooklyn.
Their music is Psychedelic Minimalist Pop Rock.
I was very blown away with their music.
Bear in Heaven @ La Sala Rossa
So that was my Day 2 of Pop Montreal.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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  1. Ryan


    It’s Ryan, I met you at the Luyas on Saturday. Any chance I could have some of the photos (3 – 4) you took from that show, ideally of the set and the band playing? We need them for our paper since we didn’t send a photographer. Send me a message if you can!

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