Pop Montreal 2010: Day 4

It was a busy fourth day at Pop Montreal.
I started off the day checking out Puces Pop.
Puces Pop is Montreal’s largest do-it-yourself festival where people can come and celebrate all types of independent creation!
All I can say was there was alot of people there.
Interesting to see what unique stuff that comes out from it.
Check out the photos on my other site.
Also it was the day I actually tried out the Bixi bikes.
Those bikes are so fun!

I went to the Notman House for the BBQ.
BBQ @ Notman House
It was the Mint Records/Fuzzy Logics Recordings/Out Of This Spark and CBC Radio 3 showcase.
Great food, face painting and great live music.
Playing were:

  • The Whitsundays
  • The Whitsundays @ Notman House

  • Hot Panda
  • Hot Panda @ Notman House

  • Maylee Todd
  • Maylee Todd @ Notman House

  • Out of This Sparks Family Band
  • Out Of This Spark - Family Band

The Whitsundays and Hot Panda were amazing live!
Totally rocking it for those waiting in line for the food or enjoying the music.

I missed out Doctor Ew because I Bixi biked over to Le Divan Orange.
Think About Life was playing at 4pm.
It was insanity and the venue was on lockdown.
I missed the first two songs and it was new tracks.
I was very lucky to get in since the person running the show knew I was taking photos the previous days of the afternoon shows.
It was hot and crowded.
They only played five songs.
Last song was Sweet Sixteen, Martin kind of messed up the lyrics and surprisingly ended the song half-way.
Most of the audience were kind of confused.
It didn’t really bother me, at least I got my doze of Think About Life for 2010.
Can’t wait for the new album.
Think About Life @ Le Divan Orange
Bixi biked back to Notman House and I was there in time for part of Maylee Todd’s set.
I got there when there was some kind of tribal dance happening.
Anyways seeing her the night before was totally fun.
She did it again at the BBQ.

After her, there was a break and it a funny time since they had a pinata which is the shape of Justin Bieber.
You had to be there to see it when this little girl was beating the heck out of it.
Pinata time
Lastly it was the Out Of This Spark Family band which consisted of members of

  • Forest City Lovers
  • The D’Urbervilles
  • Evening Hymns

It was a wonderful performance of each band doing covers.
My favorite was at the end when Kat Burns sang Greenday’s Longview.
It was a fun BBQ showcase.

Afterwards I headed up to Red Bird which is on Vanhorne street.
I went to see the lavish show from the Luyas.
Stepping into the room felt like I was in a Michel Gondry set.
It was filled with colorful streamers and a cool light show.
I heard that it took a month to build the whole set up.
Redbird studiosRedbird studios
Before the show happened I got to talk to Vincent Moon. He does alot of the filming for La Blogotheque.
I got abit starstrucked and wanted his autograph but he rather have a talk instead after the show or something to that extend.
He is really nice and down to earth.
It was already getting packed and the show started off with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
This band just blew me away with their creative setup and their unique sound.
From their Myspace:
Asian Diasporic psychedelic noh-wave opera group from Toronto fusing noise, metal, pop and folk music into a multidisciplinary hyper-orientalist cesspool of ‘eastern’ culture in giant monochrome paper sets.
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan @ Redbird
The Luyas put on a solid performance.
This was one of their best show this year.
Can’t wait for the new album which will be released on Dead Oceans.
The Luyas @ Redbird
Overall it was one of best nights and very ambitious one.

Afterwards, I Bixi biked down to Le Divan Orange for the Out Of This Spark showcase.
I got there in time to see Evening Hymns play.
I got to stick around for three songs and they were the best ones which were:
Lanterns, Dead Deer and Cedars.
As usual I cried during Dead Deer.
Evening Hymns @ Le Divan Orange
Then I went down to Le Petit Campus to see Ruby Coast.
I got there when they played Neighborhood.
Great set and needed my Ruby Coast fix at the festival.
They mostly played tracks from the upcoming album.
Ruby Coast @ Le Petit Campus
Caught two songs from The Hoof and The Heel.
They brilliant live and sadly I should have stayed longer for their set.
The Hoof and The Heel @ Le Petit Campus
Went back up to Le Divan Orange and it felt like a sauna.
I happened to see Light Fires.
It is a side project with Gentleman Reg and James Bunton of Ohbijou.
It was my first time seeing them live.
Let’s say, I totally had a blast with their blend of techno, catchy dance boombastic music.
Seems to be a trend with duo dance bands like Woodhands, Handsome Furs, Chromeo and Thunderheist.
The audience was having fun.
Light Fires @ Le Divan Orange
Lastly I saw the D’Urbervilles
They were rocking it big time.
The band previewed alot of new tracks from the new album which has no drop date.
The D'Urbervilles @ Le Divan Orange
So that was my day 4 of Pop Montreal.

Here are the rest of the photos.
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