Pup and NOBRO @ Bronson Centre

It was Election Night and while Canadians was waiting for what the future will bring on October 21st.
There was about 800 Ottawa folks who wanted to forget and go attend a loud, fun and hot sweaty show at the Bronson Centre Music Centre.
Also it was the first time being at Bronson Centre since the news of the Phoenix Concert Theatre being one of the owners.
All I have to say is that all the seats are gone on the main floor.
Performing at the sold out show was Pup and NOBRO.
Starting off was Montreal’s NOBRO.
A band on the rise and I have to say they are getting better live!
Gritty Garage Rock music and I couldn’t stop head-banging to their music.
Love their pseudo-medley covering En Vogue’s Free Your Mind! 8/10.
Then it was Pup’s turn to shine on stage.
First time playing to a bigger venue and it was high excitement for those in attendance.
The band is still promoting their third album Morbid Stuff which was shortlisted for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize.
Which they mostly played from that Morbid Stuff and some cuts from The Dream Is Over and self-titled album
Definitely a fun Monday to get your mind off from the election for better or worse on the outcome. 8/10.

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