Rachika Nayar – Heaven Come Crashing [Streaming]

I swear there is something about that album cover by Rachika Nayar that still grabs my attention.
It is either tragic or heartwarming which you can leave it with your own interpretation.
Today is the long awaited release of the Brooklyn-based ambient-electronic composer and A/V artist’s Heaven Come Crashing via NNA Tapes.
This album is a mix of experimental ambient and atmospheric guitar music.
This is easily one of my favourites for 2022.

About the album:
Heaven Come Crashing retains Nayar’s mangled guitar stylings but expands the color palette by looking not so much to the fretboard, as to the dance floor and the silver screen. Influences enter into the frame ranging from ’90s trance, to early M83, to Yoko Kanno anime soundtracks.
With its M1 piano stabs, supersaws, and glimpses of Amen breaks, the album charts a luminescent space between 5 a.m. warehouse raves and the urban freeways of its cover image—romantic, nocturnal, and reckless in its velocity and emotional abandon.

On the topic, Nayar says: “I both love and feel so wary of melodrama, because its entire premise is to be uncritical. Taking your most massive emotions at face-value feels so fraught when they partly originate with structures you can’t control, with structures you maybe even feel at war with.”

Within this conflicted relationship to its own theatrics, the album wages a battle between surrendering to desire and incinerating it. Heaven Come Crashing invites the listener to revel within fantasy, before helping light the match to burn it down—one final embrace in the dream world before it shatters to pieces.

Heaven Come Crashing gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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