Rachika Nayar – Our Wretched Fantasy/Our Wretched Fate [Listen]

There is something tragic or heartwarming with this album cover.
But you can leave it with your own interpretation.
Anyways today the Brooklyn-based ambient-electronic composer and A/V artist Rachika Nayar dropped Our Wretched Fantasy & Our Wretched Fate.
The fifth and probably final single is taken from the second album Heaven Come Crashing which comes out on August 26, 2022 via NNA Tapes.
A dreamy synth ambient electronic track is one of few that is under the 5 minute mark.
While Our Wretched Fate is an intense track.

About the track:
Although the singles book-end the album, the two tracks were made as one extended piece and flow into each other seamlessly, sequentially.
The latter of the two features vocals from collaborator Maria BC and gradually builds until the track verges towards near self-obliteration.

Our Wretched Fantasy/Our Wretched Fate gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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