Radiant Baby & Ohara Hale – Smooth [Music Video]

Today Montreal artist Radiant Baby dropped the music video for Smooth featuring Ohara Hale.
The final single is taken from the upcoming album Pantomime which comes out on September 24, 2021 via Lisbon Lux Records.
Fun dancey electro-pop tune!

About the track:

Radiant Baby called upon Ohara Hale (Ohara, Nancy Pants) who lends her voice and lyrics for this collaboration. The chorus, sung in French, opens the song to new dreamy melodic possibilities while the verses set the track in motion.
“Smooth” is built upon an enchantingly catchy, synth-heavy melody and lyrically paints imagery of a dream-like night, wherein the protagonist escapes from their drab reality and experiences a moment doused in moonlight and filled with laughter as they encounter the spark of new love and the joy of the honeymoon phase.
Featured artist, Ohara Hale, decorates the track with her effortless and sweet vocal stylings, which add to the mesmerizingly fun and starry-eyed quality of the track.

As described by Mongeon, “‘Smooth’ is the song on the album that most naively addresses the theme of fantasy.
The lyrics describe a moment of love at first sight. The protagonist is in perfect harmony with her feeling of love.”

The single’s accompanying music video (filmed by Carsten Fleck) finds Hale decked out in a glittery, holographic ballgown, surrounded by darkness except for the strobes that dance around her.
As she sings and shimmies along to the music, she maintains her smile throughout, helping translate the same joyful, carefree sentiment of the track onto a visual plane.

Smooth gets:

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