Renée Reed – Où est la fée [Listen]

Today Lafayette, Louisiana artist Renée Reed dropped this haunting French track called Où est la fée.
The fourth single is taken from the upcoming self-titled album which comes out on March 26, 2021 via Keeled Scales.
Stunning and dreamy French song that sounds very much like Lykke Li and Kate Bush.

About the track:
“‘Où est la fée’ is a dream sequence, a narrative in which I am walking in the woods and find a letter on the ground: ‘Where is the fairy? It’s in your head.’
The letter has possibly been written by an ancestor/guardian angel figure or perhaps another version of myself, sent to point out what I’ve not been recognizing in myself, that I’ve been dealing with life, or rather not dealing with life, by escaping into fantasies. As dream logic does, the narrative focus of the letter and the song bends and blends seamlessly from the personal outward to other people in my life.” – Renée Reed

Où est la fée gets:

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