Riches – Light of Dawn [Listen]

Montreal’s Riches (Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy) dropped the track called Light Of Dawn.
A very East Coast Celtic electro-pop-folk vibe song.

About the track:
In response to grim routines, we brought sunlight and celebration into the dark, with a child-like devotion to the immersive process of creating.

The result is “Light Of Dawn,” a kind of love song or serenade to the wash of the creative headspace over the lost and meaningless one.

“Light Of Dawn” marks our second release featuring production from Dan Lissvik (Studio, Atelje), the result of passing files between Montréal and Sweden this past August to create a track that shimmers with summer’s hallucinogenic overtones.
“Light Of Dawn” began as deeply, classically folk, it’s lyrics of utter devotion creating a tone that was quite romantic.
We sought a discordant tone, achieved by pitching the vocals into a child-like voice, which added an element of darkness to the sweetness of this track.

Light of Dawn: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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