Said The Whale – 99 to the Moon [Music Video]

Vancouver band Said The Whale dropped the emotional and cutesy music video for 99 to the Moon.
The fourth single is taken from their upcoming album Dandelion which comes out on October 22nd, 2021 via EVERYTHING FOREVER, a label recently launched by singer-guitarist Tyler Bancroft.
99 to the Moon is catchy vintage Said The Whale from Islands Disappear era.
I think is one of the standout tracks from the four singles they put out in 2021.

About the track:
An intimate song about two people growing together over a long period of time, “99 to the Moon” takes inspiration from Bancroft’s own 11-year partnership is what goes into building a solid foundation and raising a family. A million tiny moments that stack on top of each other like bricks.

The song title can either be interpreted as the year 1999, until forever or as the 99 B-Line (a bus that runs east-west in Vancouver) to wherever you are going.

99 to the Moon gets:

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